Job Experience


I do not have what you would call a traditional education. My education started in the home. Simply put I am one of those "Home Schooled" kids. Learning how to learn was the first skill I acquired in that kind of educational environment.

Fast forward that mindset 20 years coupled with job opportunities that allowed me to gain a wealth of experience. That being said I know enough to see just how much I don't know. I don't claim be an expert coder but I am willing to learn and am really hoping that one day I will find myself in a place where I can build anything I put my mind to.

Here is a list of sources I have used to supplement my experience based learning.

Aside from my unconventional education I have also participated in some honest to goodness traditional education. Through my junior and senior high school days I had the opportunity to take some classes part-time for some of the subjects we didn't have the resources or know-how to learn at home. Those classes include art, computer art, algebra, and other electives like the school newspaper. Also I attended a few classes at the local community college focusing my attention on math, literature, art, and web technologies.


Skill Maturity