I do not have what you would call a traditional education. I am one of those "Homeschooled" kids. Learning how to learn was the first skill I acquired in that kind of educational environment. Continue that mindset 20 years, I have been able to gain a wealth of experience.

  • Focus

    • Front-End / Design Systems
    • Mobile First UI/UX
    • Deployment Automation
    • Server Side Applications
    • Static Websites
  • Tools

    • Adobe, Sketch, Figma, CodePen
    • VsCode, PhpStorm, Navicat
    • Homebrew, Yarn, Composer, Valet
    • Vagrant, Docker, Forge, Vapor
    • Clickup, Trello, Github, Jira
  • Tech

    • HTML, CSS/Sass/Tailwind, SVG
    • PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
    • Statamic, Nova, Wordpress
    • React, Vue, Alpine, Svelte
    • Laravel, Livewire
    • Web Components, Stencil
    • Github Actions, CI/CD
  • Mindset

    • Design driven development
    • Enjoy learning new things
    • Mediation/conflict resolution and empathy in tough situations
    • Passionate about mentorship and team development
    • Mindful of over-engineering and wasteful development practices


  • E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley
    UI Engineer - Contract
    March 2022 -> Current
    Columbia, SC

    Building a design system utilizing web components for data dense user experiences. Also timely support for our consumers and documentation updates. Other job highlights include:

    • Created a code-pen style editor to demo components without installation.
    • Created CI/CD processes that ensured automated, maintainable and scalable deployments.
    • Assisted team members on development setup, code debugging, and best practices. Also mentored junior developers.
  • Trevetts/Creative+
    Frontend Developer
    Feb 2019 -> Mar 2022
    Columbia, SC

    I got the opportunity to create a development workflow from scratch. Selecting everything from server environments to frameworks. This allowed us to automate the deployment process and watch for bugs in production. We now work with these tools: Forge, Laravel, Vuejs, SCSS, Tailwind, Livewire, Nova, Statamic, and Wordpress.

    Working with the design team to get their vision on the page. Using all the tools at my disposal to create a fast enjoyable experience for the end user.

    • Build fast and responsive frontend code
    • Code and maintain backend systems
    • Create server environments and development pipelines
    • Provide regular maintenance
    • Design and prototype UX/UI
  • LoudDoor
    Full Stack Developer & Designer
    Sep 2017 -> Jan 2019
    Columbia, SC

    I designed and developed anything from advertising to web apps. Managing project creative direction all the way to the final product. Ensuring that every detail of the user experience is tailored to exceed the target audience expectations. The tech stack I used consisted of Laravel, VUE.js, and SASS.

    • Design and develop responsive web solutions
    • Test, analyze, and improve the user experience
    • Create high converting advertising media
    • Maintain and improve existing web apps
  • Muscle & Strength
    UI/UX Designer & Developer
    Apr 2014 -> Sep 2017
    Columbia, SC

    Hired specifically by M&S to redesign their entire website making it completely responsive. This project included designing and coding everything from the checkout system to the way articles look. As the sole developer on this project I was directly responsible for site design and developing frontend code. This project was a gigantic undertaking consisting of 30+ page templates and thousands of pages of content and products that needed to be either re-designed or newly created to meet specific demands.

    • Designed responsive page templates and marketing pages with Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.
    • Code responsive prototypes of designs in CodePen with static data.
    • Implement prototype code into Magento or Drupal CMS.
    • Assist store, content, and marketing teams with any custom CSS design work to format forms or special landing pages.
    • Design solutions to any UX issues reported by customer service.
    • Created custom graphics and icons using Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Created SASS styles and jQuery functions to customize the responsive user experience.
  • LeeLocal
    Frontend/Backend Web Developer
    Jul 2012 -> Apr 2014
    Davenport, IA

    I was hired on to help with front end website design and CSS development. I learned WordPress CMS development on the job and quickly became the “custom guy” and assisted other team members with any technical difficulties.

    • Custom WordPress templates and themes.
    • Setup a system for staging and deploying custom sites via Beanstalk and Rackspace.
    • Worked directly with clients to design them a website that meets their needs.
    • Trained clients how to update and manage their custom website.
  • Office Max
    Impress Printing Associate
    Oct 2011 -> Jun 2012
    San Antonio, TX - Moline, IL
    Worked with customers to print anything they needed. Also designed anything they may need from wedding invites to business cards.
  • CollegePlus!
    Lead Designer
    Jul 2010 -> Sep 2011
    San Antonio, TX

    Designed for the Marketing and Development departments. This included everything from landing pages to million-dollar marketing campaigns.

    • Worked with development to create high converting landing pages.
    • Coded and designed marketing emails.
    • Created marketing videos including setting up the shoot, filming, and producing.
    • Assisted in basic office IT support.
  • Personal Marketing Research
    Project Assistant
    Jan 2009 -> Jan 2010
    Davenport, IA
    Manage survey data, quality control and call center reports. Development and Maintenance of company website. Managed all office equipment.
  • Stegmaier Photography
    Lead Photographer
    Jan 2006 -> Jan 2010
    Davenport, IA
    Advanced photo editing/retouching. Video editing. Solo wedding/event photography. Custom albums.
  • Moline High School
    Media Assistant
    Jan 2002 -> Jan 2006
    Moline, IL
    • Newspaper – Editor-in-chief/Head artist – 2 years.
    • DVD productions for drama department.
    • Taught classes for "Teen Tech Week" Classes included Photoshop, iMovie, and Dreamweaver.
    • Websites for numerous departments.
    • Teacher’ s Aide.
    • Created 'MHS TV' - video announcement network.


Damien Mase

CEO/Founder -> Muscle & Strength

I hired Ryan in March of 2014 as our first in-house Front-end Ul/UX Developer. He was tasked with creating the first responsive design for Muscleandstrengthcom. His knowledge and understanding of how to build a website that works optimally on multiple screen sizes was immediately apparent. Working within a strict time frame, Ryan delivered and exceptional product which exceeded our expectations.

Over the past 3 years working with Ryan he’s been able to demonstrate his talent for creating visually appealing designs with user experience in mind. His knowledge of design software is outstanding and he’s been able to take direction from myself and other team members to take an idea from concept to deployment.

During Ryan's employment he’s worked with several internal and external teams on design and user experience projects. He’s been able to communicate well and effectively gather information from others to deliver a finished product that meets the project specifications.

Without a doubt, I think Ryan would be an asset as a Frontend Ul/UX Designer to any development team.

David Cohen

Marketing Director -> CollegePlus

Ryan has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He’s got raw artistic talent that’s rarely seen. Ryan’s unique because he’s got a keen eye for design while possessing the technical expertise to use the tools needed to bring that design to life.

Ryan brings tremendous value by being diverse and agile with his artistic, design, and technical abilities — he can set up a shoot, film it, and produce it. He takes beautiful pictures, creates beautiful landing pages for the web, logos, you name it.

I appreciate Ryan’s strong work ethic, can-do attitude, dedication to producing high-quality work, and the positive, upbeat spirit he brings to every project.

As a demanding marketer, I settle for nothing but the best, and I expect nothing but stellar results, and Ryan has met this standard. I give him my highest recommendation.

Gabriela Barnett

Today's Deal Specialist -> Amplified Digital

Even though I have only had the pleasure of knowing Ryan for the last 10 months he has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

Ryan is extremely talented in many aspects of design including, web development, photography, and video. He goes above and beyond to provide the highest standard of work for his customers.

Ryan is not only a great colleague but a great friend as well. On many occasions Ryan has selflessly taken time out of his day to teach me new and interesting ways to improve my own work.

Ryan brings an upbeat and positive attitude to our workplace. Any company would benefit greatly from hiring him.

Luke Macias

Founder & President -> Macias Strategies

Ryan is a talented logo, web, and print designer. He works very well with everyone at the table and if you use him you’ll be very satisfied with the end result.

Connie Burns

Office Manager -> Plastic Surgery Specialists

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Ryan Menner. In my experiences with Ryan, I have always found him to be extremely professional, pleasant to work with and self-motivated.

He ensures technical support is available to us both by phone contact and on site, and is committed to finding solutions for a variety of office equipment and computer software or hardware issues. He is also very knowledgeable in computer graphics and actually put together our office brochure and designed some of our marketing specials for use in our office and on our website.

Ryan has also been helpful in assisting with our photo studio and imaging system, both with the software and the actual camera function itself.